Summary of the Slot Game King of Crystals

Kings of Crystals is a fantasy slot game developed by All41 Studios. In other words, who are these three monarchs? How did they get so fixated with crystals that they would risk going to war for them? We don’t know either, and the review won’t finish with any more clarity. Kings of Crystals is a game with three bonus rounds that combine one, two, or three characteristics, and is activated by a collecting system, this much is evident.

Kings of Crystals gave us a small feeling of déjà vu, as we had just reviewed the slot game 5 Clans from Reflex Gaming. Both games have a fantastical style, with castles, expansive landscapes, and appealing people dominating the screen. There are three in Kings of Crystals. There’s a person who could pass for Kratos, a hero with long, flowing hair, and a guy who looks like an elf. Each one is linked to a different set of attributes via a crystal of a corresponding color. It’s unclear why these monarchs are fighting, although it may be for crystals. Perhaps this is typical behavior for monarchs.

Bets range from 20 percent to £/€20, and players may use any technology they desire to force their way onto the battlefield. There is a wide range of options for the RTP, from 0% to 96.4% (the optimal value), although the volatility is always rather significant. Getting a winning combination of three or more identical symbols anywhere on the 5×4 grid with 40 paylines is quite likely (the hit probability is 38.79%).

The three kings, a gauntlet, and a chalice are featured on the highest paying icons. When five of them appear, your payout increases by 2.5x to 5x your wager. Five of any of the other pay symbols, which are shown as 9-A playing card images in a metallic manner, will return 0.75 times the wager. Here, reels 2, 3, and 4’s wilds come in handy, as they may replace any symbol other from scatters and currency.

King’s Crystals Slot Machine Functions

When a player has collected enough scatter symbols, a bonus round of free spins with one, two, or three multipliers will begin. At random, a red, a blue, and a green scatter fall to the ground. When they land, the scattered items quickly go to the designated collection meter.

Free Spins with Nudgeable Wilds

Five free games with full-reel nudging wilds are triggered by the red scatter. In this mode, the reels are expanded by two places each reel, for a total of 100 paylines. Every position on the reels becomes wild when at least one wild appears. Additional free games are awarded if a red scatter appears during this feature.

Free Spins Jackpot

The green scatter awards 10 free games where you may win one of four progressive jackpots. Pay attention to the gold coins, as they may fall to disclose a word or a cash award worth 1-10 times your wager. A jackpot is won by collecting letters that spell out its name. Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand payouts are 25x, 50x, 500x, and 10,000x the original wager, respectively.

Free Spins with a Multiplier

Five free games are offered when a blue scatter appears, with a random multiplier of 2, 3, 5, or 10 applied after each spin. Free games are re-triggered if blue scatters appear during the bonus round.

Combinations of Free Spins

Free spins with two or three of the aforementioned bonuses active can be triggered by a variety of scatter symbols. This can occur at any time, either at the beginning of a bonus game or throughout its progression, by collecting scatter symbols.

Purchase Option

Kings of Crystals provides a varied selection of seven possibilities for those who can afford to pay for the premium feature. Winnings can increase by as much as 110 times the initial wager if all three features are activated during free spins.

Crystal Kings Slot Review and Final Score

Kings of Crystals had its ups and downs, but I feel like we missed the point altogether. A high-stakes, win-or-lose confrontation is replaced with a strangely tangential connection between the crystal idea and the rough-looking kings. All41 deserves credit for venturing into uncharted territory by tackling the high fantasy genre. The gameplay was occasionally stale, and the slot machine appears archaic, reminiscent of the classic Merkur game Dragon’s Treasure.

The three options may provide some gratification to players who enjoy accumulating symbols and filling meters. It didn’t take long at all for the collecting meters to reach capacity. Even though the largest prize we were able to collect was the Mini, the best returns came from the prize Collection round. Mixing and combining elements from the additional purchase is a wonderful touch, since doing so did offer some more heat. The maximum payout is $10,000, which is a plus, but the odds of winning anything other than the Grand Jackpot are quite low. Kings of Crystals’ dated aesthetic may prove to be a deal breaker. There are many that appreciate a more classic look. We didn’t really benefit from it.

Despite its many features and its top award, King of Crystals gives off the odd impression of being weak. From what we could see, it was either hesitant or unable to let free. Picture a king who can’t make up his mind whether or not to attack the enemies on his borders and spends too much time poring over maps instead of listening to his people’s pleas to do so. That’s how the Kings of Crystals felt, at least. If you’re like this sort of stuff, it may be fun for a little fantasy escape with a jackpot pursuit on top. If it weren’t for this game, we wouldn’t be rushing to start a war.

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